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The concical turret provides more sloped armor protiection, and this model didn't start production until 1938.

So, as for a date on the picture, I feel that it is safe to say that it is between the years 1938 to 1940.

__________________ In human society, the political is the encompassing structuring principle, so that every neutralization of partial content as 'non-political' is political gesture par excellence -Slavoj iek I dont think that socialist architecture is generally bad.

Here in Slovakia you can find great examples of modern architecture Nov most bridge Slovak national gallery Slovak technical university Slovak broadcasting service and many more! t=862797 Ministry of transport, Tbilisi Yerevan airport USSR expo'67 pavilion, Montreal Narkomfin house, Moscow Freedom square, Kharkiv In Poland we call this style "socrealism" for Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science is perhaps the most impressive example but there are many more like MDM(Mokotowian housing district) "Dom Partii" former communist party headquarters some administrative buildings Grand hotel ...

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However, the t-26 in the background features the Red Army's attempt to increase the tanks protection.Even the modern Russian modern architecture is very particular.That architectural style can be best described as modernist, international style architecture; David Harvey's, The Condition of Post-Modernity, deals with it.In the background: T-26 with conical turret and underturret box with sloped armour plates (T-26 mod. 1939), 1975 tanks with conical turret were produced in 1938-1941. The photo was taken near Moscow where T-26s still represented the significant part of Soviet AFVs (for instance, on 1 October 1941 there were 298 T-26s from 475 of all tanks of the Soviet Western Front; because of intense combats and bad technical condition only 50 T-26s remained in the Western Front on 28 October...). Excellent photo made during the Battle for Moscow, December 1941. news and discussions on all buildings types and urban spaces ยป Classic Architecture | European Classic Architecture and Landscapes | Public Space | Shopping Architecture | Design & Lifestyle | Urban Renewal and Redevelopment Berlin, Karl Marx Allee by krystian kolbe, on Flickr Hello everyone, When most people think of socialist architecture, they think of blocs upon blocs of monotone, grey buildings stretching into the horizon.

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