Dating someone who is hiv positive

That depends on why you are doing it, and also on the depth of the relationship.

But she also insists that HIV positive people also have a responsibility to make their partners aware.

As they approach the point of becoming intimate, they should discuss issues like monogamy, contraception, and HIV.“Many don’t.

The issues get ducked for a whole variety of reasons, the commonest being that they start being intimate using condoms, then one day ‘forget’ to use one, and then they can’t go back because that implies distrust.

Anything less than that and the relationship is going to flake at some point.

You can’t disclose every tiny detail on the first date though; there’s a gradual process of mutual disclosure.“People very often don’t do that in casual relationships, and this causes trouble when a fling gradually turns into something serious.

“Whether HIV negative or positive, take responsibility for (your) sexual health and initiate the conversation,” she says.

When does Florence think is the best time to disclose one’s status while dating?But the same girlfriend from the nightclub got to him first. Florence confirms that disclosing one’s status could be received either way.“I’ve had a man show up for our Valentine’s dinner after he found out.“Remember, the Sexual Offences Act has criminalised deliberate exposure,” she says.At the end of the day, though, it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of their own health.Most importantly, many people do not know their HIV status.

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