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At the Marel stand, dedicated attention will be given to water treatment, as Marel Water Treatment (formerly known as AQUA Industrial Watertreatment) is a specialist in handling production wastewater.

The food store I went to was such a Canadian transplant.Automated evisceration by means of a Stork Nuova system is one of the important steps on the path of poultry industrialization.During the exhibition Rajive Miranda and CEO Frank Miranda will be the main representatives of Bodum Engineering Solutions (PVD) Ltd, Marel Poultry´s agent in Sri Lanka.Tea is served very properly in a kettle, milk and sugar pots with a tiny strainer for the tea leaves. Our hostess also treated us to rice made in coconut milk which soothed our much spiced stomach’s because of frequent late night restaurant dinners.I am afraid lovers of cutting chai will be at a bit of a loss here. Whiskey and beer can be bought at food stores like Cargill but the prices are almost triple that in India.Buddhism is the dominant religion and we loved the Buddhist temples.

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