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Previously it had been owned by an API tech in the Phoenix area who had several of these boards, and allegedly this was his "personal" console. There's definitely a lot of restorative work to be done, but it's clearly been cared for.

I've got it back at my place, and have begun the process of unloading the frame to give this thing a thorough cleaning.

So in this sense there is a positive side to those opening ceremonies.In any case, the Olympics are quite artificial: people rarely follow these athletes from here, and things like football and basketball are generally more notable elsewhere.These ones are a bit of a joke, pretending to a long heritage (apart from the Nazi thing, which they dislike), and at the same time featuring songs by Katy Perry and expecting people to pretend respect for it.All people talk about Brazil is "Rio de Janeiro", whereas in fact, most blacks are holed up there, along with the other states on north.Carnival is the greatest demonstration of blackness in Brazil, and guess what?I think it's just typical, evil leftwing anti-white rhetoric. I watched the whole thing because I wanted to see what level the propaganda has reached.

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