Dating uncertainty speed dating thunder bay


Various factors, such as upcoming lifestyle changes or a change in your partner's attitude, may lead to uncertainty within a relationship.

The tension caused by these factors may lead to an unhealthy level of stress being exerted on both parties.

Recent research has shown that not all uncertainty in a relationship has negative consequences though.

A certain level of uncertainty is believed to be beneficial to a relationship.

However, the further along you go within a relationship, diminishing some of this uncertainty aids in building trust and intimacy with your partner.

If you are experiencing uncertainty late in the relationship it can put a strain on your trust, commitment, and the quality of your relationship.

It’s not about the woman, it’s about his issues and concerns.

When a guy doesn’t know and accept the fact that uncertainty is part of the dating and relationship process, he is likely to get stuck in a pattern, and become a serial dater.

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By doing this constantly he risks missing a great opportunity with the right one.He starts to find attraction for other women, and instead of sticking it out, he moves on to greener pastures.This type of guy needs to look at himself, and see what it is that is holding it back.These are generally the guys that have dating nearly every single gal in town and most people think he just can’t commit.He just can’t make it through the second stage of dating.A few studies have offered ways to diminish this uncertainty but one in particular deserves closer attention.

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