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To make friends with each other, we supplied our amateur swingers with a forum as an addition.It was me and a couple friends of mine that found out this private membership community.Two-sevenths of the land had been turned over to England's King George when the British overturned French rule in the entire region.Grant sold off 100 acre lots starting in 1823, and settlement began in earnest.In 1685, Robert Cavallier, Sieur de Lasalle, having been granted the Signeury of Fort Frontenac by King Louis the 14th ten years earlier, conferred ownership of what would become known as Wolfe Island on James Cauchois.It was the “first conveyance of any part of Ontario from one subject to another”.

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There was plenty of cheering and handshaking after North Frontenac Council voted to support Mayor Ron Higgins’ One Small Town plan Friday afternoon in Ompah. The book is written in a kind of discreet manner that suggests its focus was more in the past than on what was then the present, and of course 40 years have passed since it was published.

Sydenham Women’s Institute kicked off the pre-Christmas shopping season last Saturday by filling Grace Hall with a wide and colourful array of handicrafts, home cooking and decorations. They have been good neighbours and keen volunteers, and have made many friends. Wolfe Island Past and Present outlines how the island came to be settled, how it remained in use by indigenous peoples as fall and winter fishing and hunting grounds until the middle of the 19th Century, and how the population peaked in the late 19th Century before beginning a long decline that has only recently been reversed.

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