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With "Topsy-Turvy" he created the world of Gilbert and Sullivan and ' The Mikado'. Now with "Mr Turner" he takes us deep into the life of William Turner, arguably the first great 'modern' painter and almost certainly the greatest of all English painters, and in doing so has created the least stuffy costume picture I have ever seen.

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It reveals him to be a man of many contradictions, sharing his later life mainly with two women, (he had long since disregarded his shrewish wife and grown-up daughters whose very existence he always denied).Of course, he normally concerns himself with the vagaries of contemporary middle-class culture, poking fun at, and then finding the bleeding heart of, the little people who inhabit his very personal world.(Leigh is, perhaps, the only writer/director who can crack us up and break our hearts simultaneously)."Mr Turner" isn't the first time he has looked to the past nor to real historical figures for his material.For the first time at fashion Week in Paris on the catwalk was Lennon Gallagher — 18-year-old son of co-founder of the band Oasis Liam Gallagher, who inherited from his father an imposing eyebrows and piercing eyes.By the way, the fashion show spring-summer collection Yves Saint Laurent took part and the other of crown, the beautiful daughter of Cindy Crawford Kaia Gerber.However, I also think parts of Lilac Love feel incongruous in the first stage and, more importantly, that hardcore lilac fans won’t be satisfied. If they have no expectations, then they might perhaps be pleasantly surprised by any temporary, abstract, and wholly impressionistic whiffs that may pass by the European, floral oriental gourmand bouquet.

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