Take a walk, go dancing, go to the library, go to the beach it’s all just too much effort for a gamer boyfriend.

I hope you have a really tight-knit circle of friends because you’ll be seeing them a lot while your boyfriends at home raiding. You may have a varying level of interest in your health and appearance, but in my experience guy gamers just don’t bother.

He can’t put his finger on what it is, but the magic is gone. 2.) The other and more common one is he’ll expect you to be “just one of the guys”. You need to play games like his friends, eat like his friends, talk like his friends all while balancing being casual and hot.

Be attractive, but don’t take too long getting ready or you’ll give yourself away. He wont say it, he wont even imply it- because the protagonist never does.

I didn’t feel like my personality and looks alone was enough to generate any real interest ).

Something that men could relate to and feel comfortable talking about.

Cooking, sports, politics (unless it’s about gaming), art, fashion, music (unless it’s video game remixes), travel, are not as interesting to them as the latest DLC on Steam.

Most of the men I dated never went to college for anything unless they attempted to do something in games. Everything is too hard, too complicated, they work too much or sleep too little. This becomes a problem when you want to go out and do real world things.

It doesn’t really matter because overall the result is the same for you: a crappy, self-centered boyfriend who treats you like an NPC in his adventure. I would love for it to just be that gamers make shitty boyfriends, the end. But no, we as women play a role in why these types of relationships suck so much.

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