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I would say that out of all the books and DVD's i've watched this program is one of the best ways to catch up the quickest to these guys levels of expertise with women.

Paul, Drew, Eric, F J Shark, Geoffrey Miller, Grant, Greg, Gunwitch, Joseph Matthews, Katherine Scott, Ken, Lance, Laura Moore, Leil Lowndes, Marie, Mike, Mystery, Patty, Payton Kane, Richard, Robert, Ross Jeffries, Sam, Scott Mc Kay, Sean Newman, Sean Stephenson, Shawn Royster, Stephane, Stephen, Steve Celeste, Steve P, Style, Swingg Cat, Tari, Tim Ferris, Tommy Leonardi, Travis Decker, Tyler, Vin Di Carlo, Will, Zan. In 2004, he launched his first ebook "Double Your Dating" that made a splash in the online channels of the dating scene.In closing, to quote legendary Assbuster KRS-One: “Take the pillow from your head and put a book in it.” And don’t just skim and nod – do the damned exercises. The Assbuster is a monthly column from the mind of Emerson Dameron, a stand-up comedian from Chicago who navigates the world of a stand-up comedy, hitting up open mics, and comedy clubs.Dameron is a writer, comedian and gentleman of the old school.This is a book to go through over and over, particularly whenever a block sets in.Want to branch out from stand-up and try writing a serious novel or a dramatic screenplay (like Woody Allen, Steve Martin and others)?Dean also includes authoritative advice for performers, a quick detour through the weird world of by Gene Perret The title bites – it sounds like what would happen if you turned the rest of this list into magnetic poetry – but the exercises are top-shelf.

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