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This was the best girl I'd ever met on an online date and I was on the worst form of my life.

I'd found the needle in the hay, then carelessly dropped it down a manhole. I was glad actually because I was beginning to feel physically sick, a combination of alcohol and dismay at my badly timed social ineptitude, but it didn't bode well for my chances securing a second date.

Tues, | By Dan Juan My main beef with online dating sites is not that they're creepy or uncool or expensive.

It's not even that they're rammed with fat weirdos and potential axe murderers.

They were all nice enough, a couple of them I continued seeing for a few weeks, but there was always something about them I didn't like.

Either they were annoying, or clingy, or shapeless, or Tories.

Although maybe it would be quite cool if she had three eyes, I was wondering to myself as I clocked a two-eyed brunette reading a book beside at our meeting spot.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that her real life self was quite close to the version I'd seen in her profile.

Maybe she'd have a grating laugh, or a racist streak, or three eyes.''Studies show you know if you are attracted to someone within three minutes'' says Brett Harding,'s MD.''A speedy lunch works well and going back to the office is a great excuse to leave.'' So if you've got a potential love interest, try just opened Da Polpo in London's Covent Garden - the only one of Russell Norman's empire to take lunch bookings (uk) or do a Lady and the Tramp at Meatballs, a beautiful revamped historic dining room in Farringdon (uk).And I suspect, despite the fact I'd like to go out with a pop star or a barmaid, that the girl I end up marrying might also be a busty, I mean busy, professional too.Yet I felt jaded as I turned up — late — to meet Kate for lunch.Still, I was waiting for her to say or do something unappealing.

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