Deutsche erotik chat rooms

If you suspect a particular account of cheating, please take a screenshot and send it to support along with any other useful information.

Cheats should only be reported to the Support team.

Any form of cyber bullying/harassment/verbal or written violence is strictly against the rules and should be reported to Support immediately with evidence.

Admin and Moderators reserve the right to apply a permanent ban if such a situation occurs.

The ban and length of ban will be the Moderator's decision: be careful of what you say! These can include jokes about racism, specific political subjects, illnesses, mature subjects etc...

The moderators and administrators on the Might & Magic Heroes Online (MMHO) forums can gather the relevant data which, if necessary, can be used to identify any users responsible for infringing any of the rules.

Access to and use of Might & Magic Heroes Online forum can in no way be demanded, insisted upon or forced in any way.

For a given post, this can be a subjective call, but a pattern of such posting or an especially egregious case will get you banned.

Do not troll, do not flame period, it is a bannable offence.

Common expressions or abbreviations usually written in capital letters are of course allowed as long as the player does not abuse of them.

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