Diabetic dating uk

Ms Pink-O'Sullivan, who is also a nutrition and dietetics student, said: 'My hair was falling out and I was always so thirsty - at one point drinking up to 12 litres of water a day - and I was really skinny and always hungry but I didn't realise those were symptoms of diabetes.'I worked out every day, I ate a healthy diet and I was the healthiest person in my entire family - so when I was diagnosed I just couldn't believe I had diabetes.'I assumed my hair was falling out because I was swimming a lot in the ocean and chlorine pools, it got worse as I was travelling in Bali but finally stopped when I was diagnosed and started using insulin.'When I was in Berlin my toes were numb for a number of weeks and I initially thought it could have been because of the cold weather and wearing boots all the time.'I did actually Google it and it said it was a symptom of diabetes but I was fit and healthy so I just dismissed it.

Ms Pink-O'Sullivan said: 'During workouts my sugar levels would get so low I'd end up having to eat jelly beans or anything with sugar.

"I had a friend in inpatient treatment and they were watching her eat, but they weren’t watching her inject so the whole time she was losing weight.

Eventually she actually keeled over and died on the ward," another woman told Vice.

But when her eyes started swelling up she said it was the “kick up the arse” she needed to sort her life out, and is now in treatment.Yet she is now fitter than ever and recently took part in a 12km run that saw her raise more than ,300 AUD (£4,400) for Diabetes WA, a treatment centre in Subiaco, Western Australia.Ms Pink-O'Sullivan, who wishes to raise awareness of type 1 diabetes, said: 'After my diagnosis, I was too scared to exercise due to the fear of having a hypoglycemic episode.'I had to stop working out because of the risk I'd go into hypoglycemic shock and I'd have to check my glucose levels every 10 minutes.'I would need to eat something with a lot of sugar and that defeated the purpose of exercise.'Now I still exercise but now I'm a lot more in control of my diabetes so I'm happier and healthier.Whereas type 2 diabetes is related to lifestyle and linked to obesity, type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that means the body doesn't produce the insulin it needs to survive, and blood sugar levels need to be constantly monitored.The health consequences of not taking insulin include blindness, kidney failure, nerve damage and in some cases death.I was afraid that I would pass out.'I went to the doctor for a glucose test and I was then told to go to emergency.

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