Do you like me dating

Research and attempt to understand what your partner is going through, and make steps to learn what the best and most helpful things to do are when they are experiencing the worst of symptoms.And for those currently playing the field with Borderline, There are people out there who are not only capable, but uber-willing to hold your hand on your path to achieving health and success.

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Even the most overworked and overcommitted person can find time for a coffee in the morning or a quick lunch date.Small issues, yes, but they seemed like the entire world to me; she would forget to text me in the morning, and I would convince myself that she hated me.We would get into a small argument, and my anger would be so real and palpable that momentarily, it would consume me– but then an hour later she would tell me that she loved me, and I would melt back into contentment.Ever since I was young, I had troubles with depression and anxiety that prohibited me from living a fulfilling life, but this newfound relationship gave me a solid foundation on which to build my self-worth; I had someone else’s constant validation, which I so, so desperately needed.Of course, this came crumbling down the moment we began experiencing issues.The honeymoon phase was not only lengthy, totalling to around a year and a half of I love you’s and no, you hang up first!

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