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Clicking on the Matchmaking button will allow you to automatically match with players of similar levels.Playing games through Matchmaking will give you extra rewards, thus, it’s a highly recommended way of getting into the game.Hafif Makineli silahlar ve Saldırı tüfekleri iyi hareket edebilme kabiliyetine sahiptir, Makineli tüfekler hareket edebilme yeteneğinden yoksun ancak ateşleme güçleri yüksektir, Pompalı tüfekler yakın mesafelerde çok kullanışlılardır, Keskin Nişancı Tüfekleri uzak mesafeli hedefler üzerinde çok etkilidir.Oyun stilinize uygun bir silah kategorisinden amacınıza uygun olan bir silahı seçin.If the item you want to purchase is not a Free Item of the Day, you can still try it out at the Firing Range by clicking on the “Firing Range” button/target icon found in the Inventory, Shop, and Equipment and Tuning menus.If you are just testing it out, you cannot use the item in-game, but you can test it out and decide whether you’d like to purchase it.ESP does not incur damage to enemies, but it does affect game play.

Psionic Abilities can be used like a weapon, resulting in damage to enemies.

If you want a special limits in a mode, such as Sniper or Shotgun only, you can create a custom room by clicking on the Custom button.

You can either create a custom room or enter an already-made custom room, and set various battle options.

Compare different ones before making your purchase.

In addition to testing out items, you can see the loadout of high-ranking players in the Waiting Room by clicking on the player icon.

All characters have their own unique characteristics. The characteristics and appearances of each character may vary, but overall, none are good/bad, nor weak/powerful in comparison to one another.

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