Drew fuller dating 2016

We wanted to emulate their casual but classic feel and bring it to the entire home.The dining room table and navy chairs and the statement chair in our living room were jumping off points for us.They like to sit on the two chairs up the hill and watch the sun set.Ceara is also working on her gardening skills, and of course the backyard is a great place for their dogs to run.

He portrays the lead character Scott Kane, in the new film The Kane Files for which he was awarded Best Actor at the San Diego Film Festival.Biggest Embarrassment: Ceara - The kitchen was covered in old cracked pink tiles when we moved in.We were pretty quick to rip those out and replace them with butcher block counters, new shelves, and paint the whole thing white before we had any friends over for dinner.Drew - The guest bedroom doubles as my girl's closet and somehow the bed has become the go-to place for all clothes not put away... Proudest DIY: There was a light we fell in love with at a store that looked like a cloud and was around 0.We found a similar lamp shade at IKEA for .99, just to try out.They completely lucked out when it came to decorating their new home — Ceara's father owns a contemporary art gallery, and her sister is an interior designer.

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