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According to pagan tradition, once a year, people would brew a special winter beer to coincide with their pagan religious celebrations, such as the Winter Solstice.

Over time, Christianity adopted several pagan traditions in the hopes of converting more followers.

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As such, there's fewer places to go out in SF than there are in NYC.

Unlike New York, it's really hard to "hide" from people you know and you'll constantly run into people you recognize - whether you want to or not.

The nightlife culture in SF is also a lot less popular than it is in NYC due to its smaller size, and people tend to take going out in SF a lot less serious than they do in NYC. New York has more girls than guys (anecdotally like a 6:1 girl to guy ratio but more likely less than that).

San Francisco, as a consequence of its high tech nature, is much more slanted towards more guys to girls.

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