Dustin zito heather marter still dating


Curious, Adam googled his former cast mate and learned that not only was Dustin in porn, but while in the “industry” he went by the name Spencer.

Stating he didn’t snoop much more, Adam asks Nany not to tell Heather of his discovery.

I guess we shall see soon enough…The episode airs at 10/9c.

, and I am a little concerned about how I'm going to go on without the weekly adrenaline jolt I've been getting from judging everything Joe Francis says, does, wears, and eats, and don't say follow him on Twitter because all he does is retweet compliments misguided idiots give him.

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When I was first introduced to Abbey on the show, my impression was that the docility that Joe is obviously attracted to as an insecure man was the cause of all her problems: it's kept her under the thumb of an extremely controlling man; it's made her unwilling or unable to defy him; but it's probably also been part of the reason that she has, I imagine, a pretty comfortable life of leisure during all the time she spends not making Joe mad at her.But living with her, seeing her 24/7, of course I’m gonna develop feelings for her because she’s an awesome girl.By the second or third episode we’re together- but what people don’t know is that we had a lot of talks. We both came into the house with that same mindset that we can do whatever we want. We were naturally attracted to each other.”You Can Click Here To See Images From Dustin’s Porn Past So far this season it seems that the two are quite a match.Thank God the only ones who are still together -- came into this with a lot of potential deficits: they were the youngest; the audience may have known the most about their messed-up childhoods (and, for real, there's a lot to unravel there, starting with Catelynn's substance-addicted mother used to be with Tyler's jailbird father); and though they weren't the only reality-show alumni among the therapy patients, they were the only ones who had cameras in their faces during what were still formative years.Despite all that, Tyler and Catelynn impressed me with their cheerful willingness to let the process help them, and their maturity compared to the older -- sometimes older (Flav) -- patients in the group, and yes, I'm thinking of the time Joe called all the dudes in to watch Dustin's old porn clips online and Tyler alone emphatically declared that he didn't want to see and would prefer to get an impression of Dustin on his own.Jenn spoke to her -- viz "My sister was murdered [smile]" -- because her resolutely cheery veneer is obviously hiding some real anger. Sure, Joe and Abbey left early (barely, it seems), but Liz started trashing Flav from the first day, threatened to leave a bunch of times, had a breakdown over the confirmation of her pregnancy, and repeatedly called Flav stupid to his face; Flav cheated on Liz, on TV, through several seasons of and, all these years later, still won't give her access to his money even though they have a child together in addition to the one that hasn't been born yet.

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