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How many of you have gotten married from random meetings of fate? You have no problem sitting down and writing your likes and dislikes for your potential mate to see.

You upload your best picture, and you wait for someone to give you a 'wink.' You check out the picture and the profile and, by George, we've got a match!

Answer: Online dating is exciting and sexy and flirty and intimidating, but it doesn't have to be intimidating.

There are, however, a few things that you need to decide before you begin the process. In order to find true love, you are going to have to dip your feet into the rough seas of uncertainty.

From the moment I began my career, I wanted to cover dating and relationships.

I grew up fascinated by the fairytale; so hard to obtain, yet some version of it seemed almost inevitable if you just did your own thing and waited for love to "find you." (When you least expect it...right? Gender roles changed within couples; breaking-up-and-making-up became the norm; apps hit the scene, causing perfectly reasonable men and women to throw out prospects early and often, never settling down... Most notably, some of the best catches out there -- amazing women with otherwise full, exciting lives --- were always single and frustrated.

But what about online dating sites such as Match and Tinder? You want to meet a mate in person through a random act of fate.We can’t wait to start the campaign and get the word out about the important messages in Survive & Thrive about love and self-acceptance.“I am really excited to be working with The Book Publicist.You agree to meet up with your wink, who turns out to be 15 years older than their profile picture.Their demeanor and general likes are nothing like they described on the dating site.Sacrificing one love to acheive career success is a form of settling -- and more women contemplate that route than would dare admit to it."Settling" is a dirty word when it comes love, and for good reason.

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