Eq 2 stuck updating environment map


Let’s assume you need a list of machines and their IP addresses.

No more, because there’s a buddy that can help you create XML documents: the object.

Let’s assume you do not want a list of all servers, but instead just want to look up the IP address and the information attribute XPath is an extremely powerful XML query language.

You can find information on its syntax all over the place in the Internet (check these links for example: and When you read these documents, you will find that XPath can also use so-called “user-defined functions” like . Often, you will want to update information in an XML document. Info1 = 'new attribute info' $New Path = "$env:temp\inventory2.xml" $xml.

XML would try and name your node “Code”, then add an attribute named “Segment”, and finally choke on the fact that you never assigned a value to the attribute.

One common task is to extract information from an XML file.

And for those of you that have sticked with me this long, I have a little present for you: a great little tool I use very often that can be very helpful for you, too, I am sure.

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