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AARP Foundation Experience Corps is hosted in the Bay Area by Aspiranet - a statewide organization taking collective action to support communities and families as they love and care for children.This vision is realized through over 35 programs and almost 40 years of experience and services in six areas of expertise — family services, adoption, foster care, education, after-school programs and community collaboration."Marsha called and said, 'You have to meet this guy. But seven years and zero children later, they divorced. "You're surrounded by hope." She began working part time at a matchmaking company, and when the company folded, Winer decided to go into business on her own, partly because one of her boyfriends thought she'd be good at it.If you were to become a client of Winer's, you'd start off with a phone interview.Melinda Maximova and her first boyfriend were best buddies. The company is based in San Francisco and has 13 agents in three cities.Perfect Search accepts all clients who are willing to pay a minimum of ,500 a year.The Experience Corps model is a proven intervention with measurable benefits for students, as well as positive mental and physical health benefits for volunteers who participate.

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Winer had wanted to introduce Carter to a man 2 inches shorter than what Carter had specified. Her parents, now in their late 80s, have been married for 67 years. She wedded her high school sweetheart after she graduated from the University of Michigan. "There's the potential for someone to find a life partner," Winer says.

In 2013, ECBA was named Organizational Partner of the Year by the Oakland Unified School District.

In 2014, ECBA volunteers in the East Bay were presented with a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for their work providing mentorship and tutoring.

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Frankie made the daunting experience of using a matchmaker, quite fun.

She says that at least 230 of her clients have married each other.

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