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It’s certainly funny to watch how Jo Jae Hee keeps clashing with social expectations around him and see the social pressure to get married at work. Yoon Eun Hye plays a spoiled and spunky heiress who gets entangled with debt-ridden Yoon Sang Hyun but is also wooed by Robin-Hood lawyer Jung Il Woo. It might take a few episodes but Gu Dong Baek will slowly grow on you.But aside from the hero’s curious personality, there’s really not much new or interesting here. His unselfishness and amiability mark him as a fool (hence the title – which might also give a nod to Dostoevsky’s novel ) in a corrupt world where everybody follows their egoistic interest and everything can be bought.

While it’s great to listen to Korean ballads, sometimes I’m more in the mood for upbeat love songs whose lyrics I can actually understand.started out as a Japanese manga in the early 1990s and turned into one of the most popular manga in Japan with more than 50 million copies sold. It’s very good in a lot of ways so it was originally one of my faves.This Korean TV version was also immensely successful, probably mostly due to the story line and the exquisitely clothed and very handsome quartet. For the rest of us, mmh, watching at least parts of it will be … Kat from the Dramabeans forum puts it like this: “Yes, it was ridiculous and yes, it was bad but I could not stop watching.” Recommended (because it’s a classic) with reservations (because it’s a mess). But when I started watching it a second time, the evil stepmother really got on my nerves – she ruined it for me. – Jack Nicholson gets even name-checked in one of the earlier episodes.However, those few are clearly marked with a “Genre alert! The most recent batch of romantic K-dramas has been more angsty and edgy, making it harder to find good rom-com fun.So I’ve started to add a few rom-coms from other Asian countries, just to give you more options.The show’s huge success started a short-lived fashion of crossdressing girls in K-dramas (like Couple or Trouble A hilarious screwball comedy about a spoiled and bossy heiress who suffers from amnesia and is housed by a plumber. Our heroine (Kim Sun Ah) is an outspoken, overweight talented pastry chef, facing the third decade of her life – without being married. Enter our other protagonist, French restaurant owner Hyun Jin Heon, who decides to hire her. " data-medium-file="https://greatkoreandramas.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/one-percent-of-anything.jpg? A mellow rom-com, sometimes slightly amusing but not laugh-out-loud funny.

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