Facebook sex chat

Chief Judge Brian Jackson ruled Thursday that the law, which took effect in August, imposed “a sweeping ban on many commonly read news and information websites,” as well as social networking sites.

The definition of “chat room” in the law is so broad, for instance, the court’s own website could fall under the ban, he said.

Scum amongst scum, the wart on the pig's ass when it comes to internet exploitation.

Ever since the first guy sat down in the first chat room and typed "a/s/l," the interwebs have been a place for those who were inclined to attempt to prey on the young and vulnerable.

It’s tough to take a public stand for the rights of pedos. Yesterday, a Louisiana federal judge struck down a state law barring sex offenders from Facebook and other social media.And that's before you populate it with convicted sex offenders.And most people do agree with this position - at least legislatively.Or a college student who got drunk and peed in public or went streaking.Or a young comedian who made a marginally distasteful video sketch that got taken totally out of context and landed him in jail.For many people, these big urban centers represent the land of opportunity, offering better chances of employment, increased access to education and health services, social mobility.

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