Failed updating etrust vet engine consolidating platinum


CJ's right, it's been a while since their update problems, but it would appear they've returned ... The error message you will receive is "Fatal Error 3".

The core problem seems to be a signature update from 31.6.6672 to 33.3.7051, there seems to be little consistency in what is being detected as a false positive although there are multiple occurrences of Nokia software, VNC and event DLLs and EXEs belonging to e Trust's core components.However, when viewing the e Trust help section, it shows I don't expire until 02/02/2007. Even more strange, my key was generated in August of 2005 and I didn't install the software until late December.So I don't even know how e Trust is showing 02/02 as a date for expiration.»e Trust through Mediacom... updates still not working, and manually installing what appears to be the latest sigs did nothing at all ......I think the program was confused when the first update crashed.I rebooted and that cleared the "disabled" warning and just left the Question Mark telling me updates failed.Probably the best thing to do is block the update or change the Realtime scanning behaviour to "disabled" or "report only".: problem seems to have started at about 0525 GMT when the new signature pattern applied.

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