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The timing is important, says Bruno, because the Department of Education, led by Trump appointee Betsy De Vos, is reviewing Obama-era protections for campus sexual assault victims.

De Vos has criticized the system for how schools establish the guilt of alleged rapists and said that approach may lead to litigation and appeals that re-traumatize survivors.

organiziraju zajedničku izložbu karlovačkih i dugoreških umjetnika koji svoj rad baziraju na uličnoj (“street art”) estetici. Infoshop//MUZA, Haulikova 22, Karlovac /// Udruga KA-MATRIX u okviru projekta Mladi u javnim prostorima – kreativni – cleveland clinic pharmacy – buy cialis – how can 19.-23.09.

AKC Medika, Zagreb /’fu:bar/ je multimedijalno participativno događanje s tematikom greške u novomedijskoj umjetnosti i procesu njezinoga nastajanja.

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and create an environment where survivors are supported," says Bruno.

If that happens to be triggered by watching an unexpectedly funny video about consent, then all the better.

It's On Us will send people an alert when the comment period opens if they signup for the campaign's pledge.

"We're issuing a rallying cry for everyone to become part of the solution ...

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