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This project helps individuals and married couples without minor children by providing financial assistance to help prevent evictions, foreclosures, and unhelathly living conditions as well as things to keep people employed.The assistance provided is done to help empower individuals and married couples without minor children to become self-sufficient.This form can be used by adult residents of Orange County.

who they thought won the Ronald Reagan-Jimmy Carter presidential debate.

“You want to save Larry the Lobster,” Murphy told the viewers, “dial 1-900-720-1808. Now, unless you call in to save him, we’re going to boil Larry’s little butt right here on national television…The phone company is going to charge you 50 cents, but isn’t it worth 50 cents to save Larry’s life?

Or look at it this way: Isn’t it worth half a buck to see us boil Larry on TV?

If your Library card application cannot be processed you will be notified.

is an easy to remember phone number that connects people with solutions.

United Way spearheaded implementation of 2-1-1 for hundreds of people across Central Florida to provide comprehensive information and referrals to services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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