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It's an app that you can add to your Android or i OS device, or on streaming media devices like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, the Xbox game console, and others.You can also watch it on your computer or tablet on Watch With the app, Go90, you can watch live concerts, live sports, TV shows, and video clips. It has a heavy focus on young adults, including making it easy to share clips on social media platforms.But, many of its shows, like Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" and its upcoming original comedy-drama, "Relationship Status," should appeal to everyone.And you can often binge watch a series or season straight through from beginning to end. You turn on your TV and your streaming media player, and then you scroll through dozens of menus and hundreds of options for your next TV show or movie to watch. It might make you miss the days of TV where you could just turn it on and watch whatever was available.An increasing number of streaming TV networks understand that feeling, which is why you're starting to see streaming networks offering "live TV" options, many for free.The way it works is, you find a streaming network, as you normally do.But, instead of clicking on an on-demand show, you choose "live TV," then sit back and enjoy.

You can find highly produced shows like "The Walking Dead" and "Fargo" that have complex story lines, multi-dimensional characters, and casts carrying armfuls of Emmy awards.Worse, the 24-hour news networks that used to break news stories around the clock have turned into reality TV networks or platforms for political pundits to shout at each other.There is an alternative, and it's free and streaming live. You're as likely to watch a report on President Trump's latest actions as you are to see breaking news and in-depth reports from Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Australia.If you're asking yourself "Why am I paying so much for cable TV or satellite TV? Millions of people are cutting the cord for that very reason and moving to streaming internet video.There are loads of reasons to start streaming right now.Sky News, which is headquartered in London and has bureaus in Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D. Sky News launched in 1989 with a focus on airing on every platform available, not just TV.

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