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Videos/pictures of limp fetish,role playing,nerco,neck snap,postmortem,morgue,beheading,hanging,strangling,ragdoll,etc! ,all group members you must have your own uploads to share with the group they will be accepted to the group,if not there will be removed from the group, simple! I read a lot of bullshit posts and all kinds of "I swear this isn't fake" stuff.I am posting here for the anonymity and to speak my mind in a public setting.I was strolling through CL trying to pick up a guy for a quick car blowing, but it was 4AM and I wasn't getting any biters.I never done anything homoerotic before, but was always curious to see what it was like.When I masturbate I get tons of exotic ideas in my head such as woman on woman, man on man, man on trans and I get tons of fetishes like swallowing huge loads, cream pies, or gang bangs.This kinda night I was feeling a little 'gay' to be blunt.

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I laid down in front of my couch, lifted my legs up so my feet were passed my head.

Without any luck, I came across a porn section called CEI.

The girls in the videos looked cute, but I didn't like the humiliation scenes.

They always arroused me, even before I knew what being arroused was.

I would always find a reason to touch a female neighbors neck or friend of my mom. I was never abused more than a deserved seat on the butt.

i've going through the web looking for this bloody video and i cannot find i know is, it's part of the squishing nemo fetish, but that site just returns a black screen. This isn't some made-up story or even something that really happened. One of the weirdest things was when I joked about a girl sending me a picture of a lipstick mark in her cleavage. Nothing explicit, but just enough to get her male friends a little hot under the collar. She smiled and checked hers, finding the same results.

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