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She's certain it's Will and freaks out, but the fuse blows and she's knocked to the floor. Finally, Mike, Lucas, and Dustin decide to ride off on their bikes to join the search party. It's even creepier when their flashlights settle on a soaking wet Eleven in the woods. Bad guys with guns are after her, so the new plan is to skip school and dazzle Elle with La-Z-Boy recliners. Jonathan puts up missing posters at the high school, where he chats with the nicer-than-her-friends Nancy. She slams the door closed with her mind, freaking everyone out. Hop gets the call about Benny, whose death is made to look like a suicide. Hop also has a new lead: a sewer pipe leading to the lab's restricted property.

She toddles off to Will’s room when her mother comes over to bring Joyce a casserole.There's foul-mouthed Lucas; Dustin, who shares Judah Friedlander's taste in headwear; Mike, who looks like a 12-year-old boy version of Juliette Binoche; and sweet Will, who cannot tell a lie.It's time to head home, so Will and Dustin race each other back on their bikes. He sees an alien-esque figure, causing him to steer off the road and fall.We hear a guttural snarl as the man is lifted up like a plush toy in an arcade game.Cut to four pre-teen boys playing Dungeons & Dragons like they're generals in the Situation Room in some bad action movie.Mike and the boys have a plan to find Will using Pringles and old weapons from ’Nam.

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