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We are renaming our podcast to “The Dervish and the Mermaid” but don’t worry, If your mom turned you into a coward, Then maybe it’s high time you flowered.If that pattern still lingers, Then just snap your fingers, And BOOM! Remove externally-imposed limitations just by snapping your fingers (yes, Rest in peace, cat with diet gramineous. We both are still crying, But we’ll talk about dying On today’s show, in honor of Phineas.

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Finding your life’s right direction, Feminism, self-reflection, Wholeheartedness, bridging…

A change agent with proven results following years of management and Lean training overseeing multiple locations…

read more → …and we’re bringing you some May Flowers!

RIP Phineas Nix euthanasia fear of death The US healthcare system the meaning Anna Guest-Jelley will say That yoga cares not what you weigh.

Get her book on your shelf And start loving yourself A little bit more every day.

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