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However, as with most spammer "targeting", this is imprecise; users have reported, for instance, receiving solicitations to mortgage their house at a specific street address — with the address being clearly a business address including mail stop and office number.Spammers sometimes use various means to confirm addresses as deliverable.For instance, including a hidden Web bug in a spam message written in HTML may cause the recipient's mail client to transmit the recipient's address, or any other unique key, to the spammer's Web site.

By searching the Web and other resources for email addresses corresponding to the names and street addresses in their records, direct marketers can send targeted spam email.When persons fill out a form, it is often sold to a spammer using a web service or http post to transfer the data.This is immediate and will drop the email in various spammer databases.These are considered the best emails by spammers, because they are fresh and the user has just signed up for a product or service that often is marketed by spam.In many jurisdictions there are anti-spam laws in place that restrict the harvesting or use of email addresses.The revenue made from the spammer is shared with the source.

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