Free sex road sign


In most jurisdictions, the theft of traffic signage is treated like any other theft with respect to prosecution and sentencing.If, however, the theft leads to an injury, then the thieves may be found criminally liable for the injury as well, provided that an injury of that sort was a foreseeable consequence of such a theft.With some of the more popular street names such as Liverpool's famous "Penny Lane", authorities gave up the practice of constantly replacing signs and simply resorted to painting the name of the street on the walls.Other jurisdictions offer replica street signs for sale to discourage theft.Monash University provides funding as a founding partner of The Conversation AU.

So, unlike Ireland, there is no basis in Australia for holding a referendum on the issue of same-sex marriage. However, the decision reached in a plebiscite has absolutely no legal force.

If you find yourself crossing the road in the German town of Bohmte, look both ways – and then perhaps check again.

It has scrapped all its traffic lights and road signs in a radical experiment designed to make the streets safer.

There are no rules for how a plebiscite should be conducted.

A plebiscite does not have any hurdles for success, unlike a referendum.

Yesterday, the local council said the scheme was a complete success.

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