Gift ideas for a guy i just started dating new dating sites in spain


He loved it, and the book brought tears to his eyes!It was also the night that he proposed, so this book was the perfect segue to the main event. I knew she loved it and appreciated it more than any dinner or rose I could have provided that night.Her smile, her eyes just everything about that moment was perfect. Thank you love book you made my proposal perfect I gave this book to my boyfriend for our anniversary.He loved it he said it was the sweetest thing he had ever gotten.I took her on a hike in Atlanta GA and set up a picnic,as we ate I pulled it out wrapped she unwrapped it and her eyes lit up automatically, as she read the tears came.So yes it was I really wanted to do something special for our 10 year anniversary.You can twist and turn the story however you please. The quality was better then I even expected it to be. I and now she plan on using Love Books for the holidays, they are so much fun What more can I say than this was the perfect gift for a special occasion.

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When I finally decided it was done, it was I kind of sad feeling, does it make any sence? It came fast and it was a wonderful feeling to hold it in my hand.

With the last page it was my big moment and as she was reading the last page I pulled the ring out of my pocket and got down on one knee.

The look on her face as she turned and seen me was priceless.

I loved picking and customizing each page to make it unique and personal!

Thank you for the experience I made this book for my fiance for our one-year anniversary.

It arrived a week before the estimated delivery date in Australia. Now, friends of mine are going to use this company as well.

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