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I think the recipient has no chance of detecting the real time the email was sent (sure, only if he wasn't online after that time). How can I change the send-time without having to change the time of my computer? And the case of an email from a friend having the wrong date/time it must've been set wrong on the server the email went through.

Compose -- and, if necessary -- format the email message.But the email client used the funny [email protected] Labs so following on from ^^ comment.. but in those instances, but for just the email client or web interface to pick up the wrong date/time is not impossible.OK for a prank on somebody that doesn't know to check headers. I don't know whether it takes the time from the SMTP server or the POP server receiving..Send a Gmail message with a different date and time if you want to create a message now but don't want to send it until later.Gmail's "Drafts" feature allows you to compose and format an email, but save it and send it at a later date rather than at the present moment.→ Zum Blog "Echtzeit" „Pulsmesser“ – das Medizinblog: ECHO-Redakteurin Sabine Schiner bloggt über das Gesundheitswesen.

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