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They usually traded silk, spices and Arabian horses via Port ships and decades later introduced printing machines.History also mentions that three German trading ships sunk in Goan waters during World War II.Indo-German Friendship Society (IGFS) Goa will be holding a rally along the North Goa coastal stretch with V W Bulli - one of the forerunners of the modern cargo and passenger van - to mark the arrival of Hippies in Goa.Addressing a press conference to announce the 3rd Cultural Week beginning from December 8, President Aurobindo Xavier said that the motor cart rally will embark from Panaji to the beach town of Anjuna - where Hippies first settled in mid-60s."Germans settlers in Goa will join the rally along with many other Goan residents.Speaking to reporters here at a press conference called to announce a weeklong celebration to mark the arrival of the first German hippies to Goa sixty years ago, IGFSG president Aurobindo Xavier said Goa's inability to tackle the garbage disposal issue had affected Goa-bound tourist traffic from Germany.Garbage and other waste is disposed in the open in Goa, which has no garbage processing plant.He said right through the road journey from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Iran was the one place where he felt the world changed to an "all male" and "bleak" reality."I did not feel safe in Iran.We were escorted by an armed vehicle when we passed Afghanistan, but we were glad when we passed over into Pakistan.

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Some Germans made Goa as their home after three ships in which they were travelling sunk off Mormugao coast during Second World War in 1944.

Anyone is free to join the rally with his car or motorbike. German residents in Goa and Goan residents in Germany have a special perception of the environmental problems faced in Goa. Srinivasan from the Department of Chemistry, Goa University, visited Germany as a scientist under DST-DAAD (Department of Science and Technology, Government of India - DAAD German Academic Exchange Service) Indo-German exchange project. Venkatesh Dessai, an eminent Goan surgeon at the Academic Hospital of the University of Duesseldorf, Germany, and husband of late Dr. Effi Briest is still far too young to marry when she is betrothed to Baron von Instetten.

A morning class that allows you to learn how to make some of the famous traditional German cakes, such as "Bienenstich" (Beesting) or the "Engadiner Walnusskuchen" (Engadin Walnut Pie). Their opinion could be relevant for an approach in solving some of the present problems in Goa. Her encounter with Major Crampas adds a temporary flurry of excitement to her life. German music, film screening and information about "Germany and Goa as Tourism Destinations".

We have invited German Consulate General in Mumbai to grace the event, but the presence is uncertain as of now," Xavier said replying to a query on attendees at the rally.

The week-long event will have round table conference on environmental issues in Goa, presentation on Indo-German friendship, guided visit to the factory of the German Company Siemens in Goa and others.

Meeting point 10 a.Siemens - Verna Industrial Estate Siemens has a healthcare factory at Verna Industrial Estate, which manufactures a wide range of X-ray equipments for global markets including Latin America, South Asia, Africa, ASEAN and the Middle East. Niels Melves, a teacher and avid traveller, says having crossed countries like Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, he felt safer the moment he stepped into India.

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