Hook up mlf


From winning the BFL All-American to the Forrest Wood Cup I have nothing but great memories and gratitude for all my experiences there.This season, I’m going to buckle down some compared to what I’ve done in the past.

Okeechobee is usually a great place to come to catch a lot of fish and that’s why I wanted to bring him down.

The first is available to watch on my facebook page.

My buddy and I were fishing back in a little pond off the main lake and if you’ve never been to Okeechobee, it’s pretty easy to get turned around back off those kicker trails.

It’s been a busy last few weeks from pre-practice at Cherokee Lake to all kinds of adventures down at Okeechobee.

I just wrapped up my trip at Okeechobee after getting to spend last week with my Uncle Moe.

I left that morning thinking we would probably be able to get on the water by ten o’clock.

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