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Now I see that some other people on these internet sites state that the raisin is smaller than the rasin. I would like to settle this argument once and for all!

A raisin is a dried white grape, predominantly of the Muscatel variety.

The difference between these three dried fruits is explained below: Sultanas: seedless, large-berried and light yellow. Currants: seedless, small-berried, purple/black color. To produce: the grapes are grown on the sultana grapevine. They are then either air-dried or increasingly dried in special drying plants.

Most sultanas are bleached, sulfured after drying and mechanically destalked in order to extend their storage life and prevent subsequent discolouration.

Now I live in the States and the sultanas are called raisins.

One can find the currants and large raisins in a health store.

HISTORY C16: shortened from RAYSON OF CORANNTE raisin of Corinth.

This site has given me lots of ideas but has unfortunately confused my further.

A sultana is a small raisin, they are seedless and sweet, and come mainly from Turkey.

A current is a dried red grape, originally from Greece.

CURRANT Noun (1) a small dried seedless grape of the Mediteranean region, used in cooking.

(2) any of several mainly N temperate shrubs of the genus RIBES, esp R.rubun (redcurrant) and RR.nigrum (blackcurrant): family GROSSULRIACEAE.(also Gooseberry variant).(3) the small acid fruit of any of these plants.

Currants are smallest, raisins larger and sultanas largest of all.

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