Hsinchu dating


Returning to the front desk we rifled through the drawers and found a tourist brochure featuring pictures of the theme park when it was still in operation.

Several amusement park rides can be seen, all of which have been removed long ago, as well as the sea lion show.

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A small enclosure behind the shed is equipped with several small tanks that must have housed sea lions when they weren’t on duty.

The main pool is incompletely filled with rubble, presumably from the demolition of some other structures on site.

You can see down to the bottom of the empty pool at one end—while the other is so thoroughly colonized by weeds that you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for solid ground.

Behind the aquarium lies an overgrown path leading up the slope.

Various other paths branch off to the left of this path, leading to what remains of the various attractions that made up the old theme park.

A calendar hangs in the dining area, dating back to 2008.

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