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An unexpectedly popular VN due to its amazing soundtrack and incredibly grim plot that toys with your moral compass.

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The urgent investment he develops in Kana's survival and her future normalcy and happiness may evolve into a physical relationship, even romantic love.Your protagonist - usually a reserved, serious type - has the opportunity to biblically know them each in succession, and after the veritable explosion of wild oats, will usually choose one as a mate for life in one of the multiple endings.for the articles, many fans claim to play these games for the stories.Kana is a frail, sweet child with an uncertain future who may not live to see adulthood due to a kidney disease, and as her big brother, the protagonist has the opportunity to become the de facto custodian of her remaining days. Early in the game, the young Takamichi must wrangle with his resentment toward Kana, both because of her continual fragility and because of the attention her parents heap upon her.Throughout his maturation, he must cope with his own revulsion toward Kana's morbidity and his fear of loss to become the source of strength little Kana so desperately needs.The laughable pains the writers take to suggest the characters are 18 are absurd, given your copious opportunity to view them in explicit anatomical detail.

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