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Vikings and Danes established a settlement on the island called “Snowsland” in the 9th century, hoping the name would warn off other countries from attempting to conquer the new land.

” You resent those guys, but not because you think I’m serious with them.” “What is it then? I lay there in ecstasy while Mom opened my fly and pulled out my stiff cock. I couldn’t believe how good Mom’s hot, wet mouth felt sliding over the length of my erect prick, or what a fabulous cocksucker she was.

At 46 she still turns heads at the country club, malls, or wherever there is an appreciative male audience. ” Mom squeezed my knee again before sliding her hand up my trembling thigh.

Because she takes extraordinary care of herself with diet and regular sessions at the local gym, and because I look much older than my 27 years, strangers often misinterpret our relationship. ” My throat was dry as a bone, and I swallowed hard. “I feel the same way when you go out on a date.” “Really, Mom?! I wanted to take her in my arms and make love to her on the spot, but something told me to let her make all the moves.

I moaned loudly as she squeezed the swollen head and stroked the long shaft. Not only was her mouth pushing all the right buttons, her hand was underneath my balls, squeezing and massaging and sending all sorts of exciting chills through my body.

So far all I’d been able to do was fondle her tits, but that changed when Mom sat on the arm of the sofa beside me.

In Iceland, the joke has become how people “bump phones” before bumping in bed.

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