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Where is the "rule" that you have to be asked questions? I realize that sometimes women have to send the first email, and I do that sometimes.Does this mean that they probably aren't interested or have poor social skills? Women should send the first email more than just sometimes, but I'm not getting into that here.It's either/or really, if you have to do all the legwork to hold up a conversation and get nothing to go on, best move is just to find someone else to talk to.One of the most effective ways of expressing interest in a woman is for a man to ask her questions about herself.This factoid, coupled with the fact you have an advanced degree, is going to create a modest amount of frustration.

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Who messages who first on dating sites is like a Mexican standoff. No pics just profiles, and after the 3rd message between the 2 parties, your pics will show. Of course you are right to write to men who you think might be interesting. You might want to clarify on your profile about religion. To me, he sounds like a common type of person on dating websites, who goes with the flow, even if they're not feeling a thing. OP ..whenever I experience this, I assume that the lady is being polite in answering my question, but isn't really interested in getting to know me.

Generally speaking if they are interested they will ask you things. I guess in the situation where they arent asking, you could ask them if they want to know anything about you.

If they dont its pretty clear they are not interested. it depends on how you interpret the mechanics of an email conversation.consider that your conversations with your friends are not one long tennis match of question volleying.

It seems like guys respond with answers to my personalized questions, but they don't ask any about me.

Does this mean that they probably aren't interested or have poor social skills? cliffycashew..have a double-whammy working against you. Women are intrinsically better interpersonal communicators than men.

Also most likely yes you are right about not having social skills.

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