Internet dating lil romeo

known professionally as Cymphonique, is an American singer-songwriter and actress.She is the daughter of Percy Robert Miller (also known as Master P) and the sister of Romeo Miller (a.k.a. She is best known in the acting world for her leading role as Kacey Simon on the Nickelodeon sitcom How to Rock.


Kelly Garni the bass guitar player of Quiet Riot wrote a book about growing up with Ozzys guitar player Randy Rhoads, a autobiography, called Angels With Dirty Faces, and he wrote 2 pages about me in it.

If you type Romeo Rose Quiet Riot in you tibe [sic] you will seem me & Kelly Garni in a video together, we are good friends.” If you wanted true love the chance to meet Quiet Riot bassist Kellly Garni, in other words, Romeo might be something of a two-fer.

From his website’s FAQ: “It is my firm belief that most women on dating sites are so unattractive they just don’t have many options in real life so they hide behind a screen.” A discussion on an online forum a few years ago involving Romeo turned ugly when he posted a link to a Ukranian snuff film and told the fella he was sparring with, “You really shoulda been the victim in this video.

I hope you are someday, you deserve to have your intestines ripped out, and a screwdriver in your brain and knife in your eyes while you are still breathing choking on your own blood like the guy you will see in this video, for that is how I feel towards you, you are less than zero to me.” Sure, that may be cute when you read it , but unless you’re prepared to hear that after you and Romeo have a fight because he saw you talking to a black dude, you may want to reassess your presumably growing interest.

Here’s a quandary: While statements like “when a woman has been with a black man, in my book that is ALMOST the same thing as beastiality” are likely to attract Rose a woman who perhaps has a little Swastika tattooed on her back somewhere, that woman will “Tracey Clark is my friend, and he’s Black, and he plays bass for the Bells of Joy gospel band and you can see a video of him performing with me on youtube search The Muse Romeo Rose we are up North at Bikinis,” Rose explains at one point during his Reddit AMA.

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