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It is the silent predator, who acts with no warning that is the most dangerous.

Do not allow someone to intimidate you by the way he looks or the way he talks.

All humans have pretty much the same anatomy – the same joints, ligaments, tendons, etc.

No matter how scary some thug may look, his joints and bones can be attacked and destroyed just like the average Joe in the corner office, and just like your own.

This gallery of cool haircuts for young men incorporates all the latest short hair cuts and styles.

Mind you, this unseen energy is very useful when dealing with some thug or predator, but most of us prefer not to be seen as intimidating to our everyday acquaintances or the people whom we meet at our friends’ parties.Morgan states, and I paraphrase, that after a certain amount of time training in the martial way, warriors develop a certain energy that other people can sense.This energy, you can call it chi or ki or whatever you like, emits a certain feeling that other people can sense.Many of you reading this know exactly what I am talking about – there is just something different about the warrior and people can sense it.Although the true warrior appears to be intimidating to many people, it is truly not his intention (unless he is controlling and directing this energy intentionally in a dangerous situation).The intimidation factor is merely another weapon in his arsenal; it is his crude form of mental warfare.

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