Intimidating shout


Leanine expended two 3rd-level spell slots — one for dispel magic and one for the deflection — to deflect Alastair’s frost nova.Benefit: When a device malfunctions, you may attempt a Craft (technological device) check (DC = 15 the device’s MR).If you succeed, the device operates normally for 1d3 rounds, giving you a chance to finish the job you are doing, make an emergency repair, or get clear before it blows up.If you roll a natural 20 on the check, the malfunction is completely averted.Benefit: Each day, all of your followers who are spellcasters gain extra spell slots.Each follower gets one extra spell slot; this spell slot can be of any level that is at most two levels lower than the highest spell level you can cast.

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Any ally within 5 feet who is using a shield gains a 1 circumstance bonus to AC. To do so you must spend a spell slot that is at least the same level as the spell you are deflecting.

Benefit: When you enter a rage, all other characters within 30 feet gain the Intimidating Shout feat until you exit your rage, but they can only use the feat if they are raging.

This benefit only applies while your allies remain within the 30-foot radius; allies who enter that area after you shout do not gain the effect.

If a creature fails this save, it cannot make melee attacks against your allies — only against you.

It can still make ranged attacks or cast spells against your allies, move around, use special abilities and so forth.

Warrior Glyphs Updated for 5.1 Mists of Pandaria All players have access to Glyphs and these Glyphs augment players abilities in the game, at any one time you can only have a maximum of 9 glyphs active(3 primary, 3 major, 3 minor).

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