Is angela simmons and terry kennedy still dating

Angela Simmons is currently engaged to Sutton Tennyson.

The news has come as a mayjah surprise to celebrity stalkers, who up until last week still had Angela, 22, romantically-linked to rap star Bow Wow.

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Run’s daughter, Angela Simmons, spent a passionate night in the sack with Heisman trophy winner Cam Newton last night.

What’s even WIERDER (if that’s a word) is that Angela was at both of the events alongside her sister. In related news, as you know Angela Simmons WAS dating skaterboarder “Viva La Bam” star, Terry Kennedy, but the two have confirmed that they broke up! The reason they broke up is because Terry was BUSTED cheating on Angie! It gets worse, he was trickin’ on her with his ex-girlfriend.

The ex’s name is Brenn Colleen and it seems that she and Angie have gone “Two Can Play That Game” on TK’s ass and put him on blast together. On Brenn’s private myspace page: It’s a photo of Brenn (left), Angela, and a friend…in a photo album titled “Exposed” (NO PUN INTENDED).

We all know Angela Simmons has recently broken up with her skateboarder/”Viva La Bam” star boyfriend Terry Kennedy (TK).

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