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' Don't believe the Hype' [sic]." spin-off series.

As part of his quest to find a date for Valentine's Day through Omaze, Idris Elba seeks tips for how to have the best date ever from a panel of adorable British kids who give him hilarious advice.

Enough lousy blind dates with wannabe rappers teaches her to see the value in Monty’s modest means.

She does her fair share of demanding and complaining, though.

Making small talk about the Four Seasons Hotel’s famous macaroni and cheese, Union showed she’s not too famous to eat with the rest of us…yet. HW: Can you talk a little about working with Tyler and what you may have expected of him and what you found out he was like?

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She’s allowed to be beautiful and funny and dynamic.HW: Do you notice some parallels between this character and Eva from your previous film ?Did Tyler ask for a little bit of Eva or is it something you can bring out in the material when it calls for? But Julia being an independent, thirty-something, career-oriented woman who’s fulfilled emotionally with her friends and family but just sort of finding herself on the dating scene, as I unfortunately found myself in the last year.Dressed in a black floor length gown, white open toe heels and slicked back hair, Dhowre was the epitome of glam, perfectly complementing Elba’s classic slate blue suit (and scruff). While the details surrounding Elba’s newfound love are slim, here’s everything you need to know: She’s a former beauty queen…Dhowre, 29, is of Somali descent and was crowned Miss Vancouver in 2014. “I met her during the filiming of star’s notoriously silent stand on his personal life, this relationship could be a serious one. If the rich and successful can’t make it work, what hope is there for the rest of us? In real life, she is overcoming her divorce from Chris Howard and getting back into the scene, and in the movies she’s learning valuable lessons, too.

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