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The gangs all wear black hoodies in an effort to hide their identities.Why don't the mothers of Liverpool rip these things off their sons' backs, and burn them in the streets? However, this long, sad summer seems to be finally folding to a close for them, albeit in the worst of all possible circumstances.I remember walking through the crowds that camped out at Kensington Palace following Diana's death, feeling apprehensive rather than stirred by the pilgrims who lit candles and brought flowers, who prayed and cried endlessly.They reminded me of a trip to Umbria, where thousands of women travel every week to pay homage at the shrine of St Rita of Cascia, the patron saint of impossible causes and damaged wives.All her sons want is for her memory to be cherished and her life celebrated.However, like a mischievous spirit escaping from a disturbed tomb, St Diana of the Damaged is still capable of causing disorder from beyond the grave.His extraordinary insistence on the presence of the Duchess of Cornwall at his side in the front pew of the Guards Chapel suggests an intransigence that cannot always be explained away by upbringing and the expectations of entrenched privilege.

Is the demand there for boss of Snappy Snaps to spill the beans about her favourite envelopes? Sam Cam in notelet-flogging scam may not have the same resonance as Cherie B with her self-appointed human right to freebies, but it doesn't look good, particularly as Mrs Blair was criticised so harshly by the Tories for her transgressions.

Diana, stripped of her royal title but not entirely of her dignity, was in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong man.

Everything else - the conspiracy theories, the endless speculation, the veneration of this flawed, beguiling woman - has been froth upon misplaced froth, closely followed by farce.

It would certainly be an indication, the first we have had, that they too don't condone the violence. As the Mc Canns pull out of the media campaign, launched with such hope three months ago, and make quiet preparations to return home, a desert of uncertainty still surrounds the disappearance of their daughter.

It would be nice to report that the Portuguese police were back to square one in the hunt for Madeleine, but that would be to exaggerate their endeavours to date.

For they never left square one, nor ever looked in any danger of doing so.

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