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I loved the tour but wish we had additional time in Prague and Vienna, particularly Vienna.Dresdan was enjoyable but I could have done without it if it meant an additional day in one of the other cities. The balance of organized to free time is better than it used to be, more free time now than before.The itinerary combined a coherent sequence of sites.The tour groups have become too large 28 is lot more than 24.We'll have a "Welcome to Berlin" meeting at 5 p.m. On our way to dinner together, we'll get oriented to Berlin and learn to use the city's public transportation system. We'll continue our walk past thought-provoking memorials tracing this city's most tumultuous century, from World War I to today.

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Tonight we'll be Berliners, gathering at a nearby park for fun and a cultural Q&A with a local. We'll start our visit with a walking tour of the reborn-from-the-ashes city, including the city's greatest symbol of pride: the inspiring Frauenkirche, destroyed during World War II and rebuilt since the 1990s with donations from around the world. Today it's the Terezín Memorial, and we'll go inside to learn its story. We'll find out by sampling one during lunch together at the Strahov Monastery brewery, followed by free time for more sightseeing on your own. Today we'll hop on our bus and head for the centuries-old town of Český Krumlov. After an early morning drive to the Danube Valley, we'll tour the artistic treasures and Baroque wonders of Melk Abbey and cruise Austria's prettiest stretch of the Danube: the Wachau Valley. (Ponder and decide for yourself.) Your afternoon is free to explore a world-class museum or two, or slow down to enjoy sipping a coffee in the city where Europe's café scene was born. The rest of your day is free to explore more of Vienna's highlights, and maybe stop to savor every chocoholic's dream: Viennese Sacher torte.

Jeff in Berlin was a bit intense, would have loved more of the new and upcoming Art neighborhoods. Dresden my favorite, Vienna amazing and a go back to city.

"Dresden, as a beautiful and youthful fun little city." Our tour of Berlin, Prague, Vienna was great! "I was wowed by the interior of the Frauenkirche Church in Dresden.

I was very pleased with the local guides, the various activities we experienced throughout the tour. I appreciated that we were able to see some of the busier sights early enough in the day to minimize crowds, and to be able to get tickets to see the Reichstag in Berlin. Vitus Cathedral in Prague: both the Mucha stained glass window and the great view out of the women's public restroom." I had not been to Germany and my first amusement there was the number of beer bottle caps in the cobble stones.

I love Prague, it is a city full of energy and distractions. Stephen's Cathedral shining like a crystal against the pure blue sky.

The beautiful music in such a setting made for a special moment." This tour is a bit more demanding than others we've been on, both physically (5 cities in 12 days) and emotionally (Nazi history), but we are happy to have experienced it with the extraordinary Caroline, Sandra, and all the local guides. "Discovering the beautiful interior courtyards of Berlin's gritty graffiti-covered buildings." Caroline, Sandra and all of our tour members helped to make this a fabulous trip!

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