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“I am excited about offering RCI programs in my community. With the wonderful marketing supportyou offer, I have more marketing ideas to get me going than I can possibly do!

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Sims, DD, CHT, Concord, CA“I am loving this training!“I came to RCI after being certified by another coach training program.I had a great interest in relationships personally and professionally, and even worked with an RCI-trained coach.Although I have been married for 20 years the exercises have really had a renewing affect on me.I am hoping to start using this material to teach classes soon. I am amazed by your constant generosity and the value that you give to all of us. ” ~ Jeffrey Burns, MA, Raleigh, NC“I’m blown away by all the resources and support that RCI offers!Thank you so very much for all the FREE resources you make available to us. it’s such a first-class organization, and it has really changed my life.

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