Kathryn bernardo and albie casino dating

While Casino opted to stay away from Eigenmann, Ejercito chose to be with her despite not being identified as the father.This decision of Ejercito to standby Eigenmann resulted in straining the relationship between his mother, Laarni Enriquez, and Eigenmann’s mother.Time flew without them noticing that they have already grown close and attached to each other. Albie was caught off guard and was at loss of words, "Ah… Akala ko kasi may shoot ako today." It was the best answer Albie could come up with. Ang dami ko tuloyng inorder."The people from the set who were eavesdropping could no longer take it as they erupted into "Uyyys! "Cameraman: "Kathryn, dalas-dalasan mo na ang order! Kath would occasionally bake cookies or cakes for the people in set, making sure she'd spare a special pack for Albie to take home. The set erupted into laughter upon hearing Albie's answer. " Jhong said in his Gary David tone which only earned more laughter from the cast and crew."You think we'd buy your reason? "Cupcakes, cookies, cake, doughnuts and ice cream po." Albie replied. Casino actually offered to take a paternity test, but this offer was turned down by the family of Eigenmann. Netizens immediately criticized Eigenmann for not telling the truth. Netizens demanded that both Eigenmann and Ejercito should apologize to Casino.After all, the pregnancy issue ruined the career of Casino.He felt like he was being put on the hot seat."Eksaktong dating mo, Tol! A series of teases from the crew and cast followed: Julia: "Naku, si Albie, kumi-Christian Torralba kay Kathryn!

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Casino was around 18 years old at that time and was being touted as the next big talent of his network.Jose was caught on video talking about how the Ejercitos might not want her daughter for the unico hijo because Eigenmann was a single mom. As Ellie was growing up, netizens were surprised at how Ejercito would dote on the child.He would bring her to places and develop closeness.A few days ago, Eigenmann’s half-sister, Max, finally revealed and confirmed that Ejercito was indeed the father of Ellie.In her interview at Good Times with Mo Twister, Max revealed that Ejercito took the paternity test.Albie on the other hand would often take the extra effort to visit Kath on the set even though he wasn't called for a shoot or his taping is on another location."Oh, Albie? Look at you, wala kang dalang clothes, hindi mo kasama PA mo and pormang-porma ka! "Oo nga, mukhang manliligaw ka lang eh," Bobby followed up, earning him some cheers from the crew."Kayo naman, hindi na mabiro. As soon as Kathryn's scene was done, Albie approached her, bringing with him some food that he has brought in the set, water and towel.

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