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From the age 12, till she turned 18, Sukanyeah suffered great humiliation, being mocked by other kids for the way she walked and talked.In an effort to 'fix the problem', her family took her to a doctor who gave her hormonal injections that resulted in several health issues, due to which she was unable to appear for her SSC examinations.

Soon, we started talking very day," said Sukanyeah.He had gone on a business trip for a week and 5days had already passed. I picked up the fallen broom from the floor and was walking back to the place the door bell rang. He said that he lived 3 stations away and was done for the day.I walked quickly to the door hoping that it was my husband who returned early. " and held a plastic box with a picture of a woman in bra and panties. He was walking towards the station to catch his train and wanted to try his luck in our place, on the way.She was a woman trapped in a man's body; he, a man in a woman's body.Three years ago, they found each other when they came to Mumbai for gender reassignment, and the meeting ended up transitioning into love.Even my moustache and beard started growing," he added.

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